Wrinkle Creams That Work With Matrixyl® 3000

Wise Essentials is launching three new skin care products. We researched natural and science backed ingredients that are proven to get the best results. We found the same ingredient in top expensive skin care products. Sederma stands behind the patented ingredients. We use it our new eye cream gel and Intense Wrinkle Cream.

Sederma often does different testing for efficiency on the skin for Matrixyl® 3000, the well-known matrikine based anti-agng ingredient. They created a new test for its ability to help repair the UV damage-prone papillary dermis.

This is a direct quote from Sederma Research:
“The papillary dermis, located just under the dermis/epidermis junction (DEJ), is more fragile than the reticular dermis and is intensely affected by photo ageing. Papillary fibroblasts are fundamental to promote epidermal morphogenesis and wound healing that is why papillary dermis repair delivers visible anti-wrinkle benefits.

In vivo studies have revealed the positive matrix reinforcing effect of Matrixyl® 3000 by measuring the SLEB density (Subepidermal Low Echogenic Band that corresponds to the papillary dermis). A significant improvement corresponding to a gain in age of 1.8 years is visible in just one month, and confirmed after 2 months: the photo-induced ageing is then delayed by 5.5 years.

Another analysis of the papillary dermis by confocal laser microscopy has shown that Matrixyl® 3000 helps reduce the fibre fragmentation and notably supports the reconstruction of the papillary dermal fibre network.

This new test confirms the repairing effects of Matrixyl® 3000: promotion of wrinkle smoothing and improvement of skin tone and elasticity. Claiming “Matrixyl inside” on your anti-ageing products makes even more sense.”