Wise Essentials™ natural progesterone creams were formulated with Dr. John Lee’s consultation to help women achieve natural hormonal balance as they age. Progesterone and estrogen unbalanced ratio is an epidemic in America. More than 90% of women suffering from a host of 150 symptoms from PMS, hot flashes, osteoporosis, infertility, early miscarriage, depression, menstrual irregularity, and breast cancer. Women assume it is normal, when in truth it is not. Over 2/3’s of women suffer from PMS, many are unaware that it can be helped.Sometimes it is called estrogen dominance. When progesterone is used correctly, it can be a natural solution needed for healthy balance. Each decade, women become more informed. Dr. John Lee began his clinical research in about 1960’s. He was the expert on the subject with the most experience.

Wise Essential™ bio-identical progesterone creams are all-natural products. It contains no paraben’s, aluminum, NON-GMO extracts, no soy, mineral oil, artificial fragrances or colors, and no petroleum products. It comes in a 2 oz bottle or 3 oz airless pump that 1 or more months depending upon individual needs.

Every women needs to be informed about your own body. So often we go to a doctor with the expectation that they know everything and we do whatever they tell us. However, they do not have time to do research on things that are natural or holistic or even outside of drug therapies. The patent ran out on progesterone many years ago. Drug companies can not profit from progesterone. Therefore, there is not incentive for research. However, since 1950’s, it has been published how progesterone works and helps women. You can read about it in our reading list.

Below is a reading list so you learn to be informed. Our mission is to provide you with information so you can make an informed choice.

Dr John Lee’s book “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause”, helped many women the subject of bio-identical hormones, hormone balance and their use – even for those not experiencing menopause. Please make the time learn for your self. Today, you can talk to your doctor about this. Some doctors are have the knowledge or they learned from their patients. Always seek supervision of a health practitioner familiar with your individual health history.

Using Wise Essentials™ bio-identical progesterone creams. Dr. John Lee recommendations are standardize for all progesterone creams in any brand.

Application: When you first start using Wise Essentials™ bio-identical progesterone creams, it is a good idea to measure the amount you intend to use with a measuring spoon. Even with the pump. This will help you to get an idea for how much you should be using. Progesterone only lasts in the body for six to eight hours, it’s important to use it in the am and pm, twice a day.

For example: 1/4 teaspoon in the morning, and 1/4 teaspoon just before bed.

Massage the cream into the soft-skinned areas of your body like the inner arms, chest, abdomen, and inner thighs. This was first suggested by Dr. John Lee until he heard reports from women that it was being absorbed through the palms of hands.

Alternate area of application: Progesterone absorbs rapidly through the skin, into the fat, and then into the bloodstream. Always apply after bathing, not before, and don’t apply on top of other creams, or fragrances. Do not use progesterone with any other synthetic progesterone.

Dr. John Lee suggested rotating the application sites is suggested for maximum results, because the fatty areas has more receptor sites for hormones. Hormones are made from cholesterol and that is made in the fatty tissue areas. Often women who are heavier have more hot flashes than thin women.

Dr. John Lee’s was consulted in making Wise Essentials™ Creams in 1993. In his first book, he had all three Wise Essentials products tested for progesterone. He was sent our product Femarone 17, sold to doctors and our two retail products, Wild Yam & Progesterone and Ultra Harmony. Ultra Harmony was a phytoestrogen cream without progesterone. Dr. Zaba, his friend did the tests and published it in Dr. John Lee’s first printing of his book.

We follow his recommendations on use for progesterone cream contain 1000 mg in a 2 oz jar or 500 mg per ounce. Wise Essentials™ bio-identical progesterone cream contains 1000 mg to 1500 mg of USP progesterone. Ultra Harmony was discontinued.

All creams are self adjusting to your bodies needs. We suggest you use Dr. Lee’s guidelines. Every woman must adjust the amount to meet her own personal needs. A 2 oz container should last 1-2 months, depending of individual usage. If you like a 3 oz airless pump that gives you an extra ounce and a longer time.

Remember, if you don’t use it, you won’t have relief of symptoms! Use it twice a day, like part of your skin care regime. Keep in mind that some women see results overnight and others can take up to three months or more. Dr. John Lee suggested 6 months. He believed that aging starts at 35 years old and slowly declines. The body normally produces between 15-30 mg of progesterone per day.

  • 1/4 tsp. contains approximately 22 mg progesterone
  • 1/8 tsp. contains approximately 10 mg progesterone

Suggested use for Premenopausal women: According to Dr. Lee, most premenopausal women need only 15-20 mg of progesterone a day. Some women do better with more 30 mg, and others less. He suggested to start out using one whole 2 oz jar the first month and then go to ¼ 1 tsp depending on the relief of symptoms. For severe PMS or peri-menopause symptoms, start using the cream on approximately day 12, counting the first day of your last menstrual period as day 1; and continue to use it until day 26 or 27. The decrease in progesterone levels will trigger menstruation within a day or two. For minor symptoms, use the cream fewer days. For cramping, apply cream directly to the abdomen three to four times in a day as needed.

Suggested use for Menopausal women: Menopausal women can use progesterone cream for approximately three weeks out of every month. The monthly 7 day break is important for the body to continue to absorb and gain the maximum benefits. Use the chart to help you learn about your body.

.Natural Progesterone rarely has side effects, unlike its synthetic version called progestin. According to Dr. John R. Lee, most side effects are caused by using too much or mixing other synthetic hormones such as estrogen and testosterone together. Some women report that they experience estrogen dominance symptoms for up to two weeks after starting to use Natural Progesterone Cream, caused by a sensitization of estrogen receptors. Breast tenderness is may happen for a short time. If too intense, lower your amount a little until your body adjusts. If a menstruating woman takes natural progesterone before you ovulate, it may change the timing of her period or cause some spotting.

Important: Always consult your doctor. Please note this product adjusts hormonal balance, although has been used successfully by many doctors to achieve and support a pregnancy. A main cause of miscarriage is hormone imbalance. Again always consult your health practitioner. Also, when nursing, please consult your health practitioner.


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What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about PreMenopause by John R. Lee, M.D.

Alternative Medicine The Definite Guide by The Burton Goldberg Group

It Is Not In Your Head, It is In Your Hormones, by Melinda Bonk

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