Does Natural Sugar Count Toward Daily Intake?

How Many Grams Of Sugar Should I Have Per Day

Does natural sugar count toward daily intake?

Natural sugar in fruits and vegetables does not count toward the daily intake.

As per World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, natural sugar does not count toward the daily intake due to the following three reasons

Natural sugars obtained from fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, which reduces blood sugar spikes.

There is no report pertaining to the adverse effects of consuming sugars in fresh fruits and vegetables and sugar is naturally present in milk.

The sugars guideline is a part of the effort by the World Health Organization (WHO) to reach targets set by the Global Action Plan for noncommunicable diseases 013-2020. The target is to halt the rise in diabetes and obesity and reduce the burden of premature deaths due to noncommunicable diseases by 25% by 2025.

Similarly, the sugars guideline contributes to the work of the WHO’s Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity, which aims to raise awareness about the problems.

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