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What is Estrogen?

What is Estrogen? It is important to know what estrogen is in your body, Estrogen is the primary female sex hormone and plays several roles in your body. The principal function of estrogen is to help control your menstrual cycle. Estrogen is produced in your eggs, adrenal glands, and fat tissue. After menopause, adrenal glands […]

Mayo Clinic Explains Belly Fat After Menopause

Reprinted from Mpls Star And Tribune Mayo Clinic study finds an explanation for postmenopausal belly fat The post-menopause belly comes from revved-up proteins. “More than 50 million U.S. women are 50 or older; 75 percent of women age 50-55 are post-menopausal, according to the Menopause Center of Minnesota. Most — if not all — of […]

12 Natural Antibiotics That Ancient Cultures Used Instead of Pills.

Food is the best medicine. Antibiotics overuse in the past several decades are common and in some cases proved to become drug resistant to bacteria. Ancient cultures use natural antibiotics from foods, plants, and herbs to help infections and disease. Many of these are still used today by holistic healers around the world. Many natural […]