Wise Essentials began with one idea. The idea was to offer better non-toxic natural products. 20 years ago we became a leader in bio-identical hormones. We learned women needed to become aware that chemicals can affect your health. Today, we still care about you and what you use on your body to feel good and look good.

Wise Essentials looks to nature for inspiration. Our products combine the best of active, fresh, organic and natural ingredients with highly beneficial, scientifically developed compounds to create a synergy of superior products.

We believe that products are to be as safe, natural as possible plus give best results. Our mission is to have products that are good for you and good for the planet.

In an effort to provide effective solutions for every skin needs, Wise Essentials made a conscious choice that products need to be affordable and to achieve the desired results. The natural ingredients and extracts are NON GMO, gluten free and soy free. We do not use toxic chemicals and it is important

We manufacture our skincare products with the finest ingredients grown on farms that we select with the highest standards. The products have no dyes, artificial coloring, or artificial fragrances. They are non-toxic, paraben free and no animal products. We are a beauty company using organic and wild crafted ingredients. We believe in using only active ingredients that work to benefit your skin. We do not use a lot of added ingredients when it is not needed.

  • We create only the finest products  We are not just a brand. We sincerely try to offer different products. We select ingredients for a benefit.
  • Our energy and passion are to create the finest 100% natural skincare in the world. We make them in small batches.
  • Some of our products are at least 70% organic because we believe that when it comes to your skincare, that organic is better for your skin.
  • They do have essential oils and the scent of the plant extracts are the aroma of the product.

All preservatives are essential oils, plant-derived, or safe FDA approved ingredients. Using the science for optimum effectiveness, Wise Essentials products feature only the purest, highest grade ingredients for maximum results that are naturally scientific.

No Animal Testing. Wise Essentials are environmentally aware of the planet and endeavor to GO GREEN whenever possible.

     Celebrate your life, laugh and live to the fullest.

     You can trust Wise Essentials as a recognized and reliable source.

All the best in health and happiness,

Melinda Bonk

651-699-4468  St. Paul, MN 55116



Sharon Jaffe is key product researcher that finds great products with her incomparable attention to detail. Sharon loves mid century modern and contemporary designs.


She takes care of all the necessary marketing content to spread the word about our products. Julie loves beautiful jewelry and exotic travel to China,Thailand and Mexico.


Rachel manages the customer service. Rachel loves all things in the internet. She helps bring you great service. Rachel loves her dog Louie. In her spare time, she is a “dog nanny”.


Amie is the marketing lead for Wise Essenitals for the last 15 years. She overseas and manages the team. Amie love movies and playing cards in her spare time.

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